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Duro-Light® Roof Skylight

Duro-Light Overview

Duro-Last now offers commerical skylight systems as an additional Edge-to-Edge & Deck-to-Sky™ roofing solution. Offering thick, high-density lenses, Duro-Light skylights roofing system get the job done at a value price with outstanding lifecycle cost benefits.

Duro-Light commercial skylights utilize two systems to prevent water penetration: A robust tape and glazing application along with a unique, high-performance weather seal which provides air and water infiltration resistance as well as reduced condensation.

Skylights Available

  • Curb Mount Skylights
  • Deck Mount Skylights
  • Custom Skylights

Additional Options

  • Standard Unit Single Dome or Double Dome
  • Thermalized Fall Protection
  • Hurricane Resistant Glazing
  • Blast Resistant Glazing
  • EcoSky3™ Unit Skylights with Lumira Aerogel

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